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NIHR CLAHRC Community e-Newsletter

The community e-newsletter for the NIHR Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs) brings you the latest news and interesting developments from across the nine collaborations and the health service research community.

This edition coincides with World Heart Day, and showcases the work the CLAHRCs are doing in this area. The CLAHRCs are funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and form part of the NIHR infrastructure.

NIHR CLAHRC Community e-Newsletter

The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research launched today the Implementation Research in Health: A Practical Guide

Billions are spent on health innovations, but very little on how best to apply them in real-world settings. Despite the importance of implementation research, it continues to be a neglected field of study, partly because of a lack of understanding regarding what it is and what it offers.

Intended for newcomers to the field, those already conducting implementation research, and those with responsibility for implementing programmes, this guide provides an introduction to basic implementation research concepts and briefly outlines what it involves, and describes the many exciting opportunities that it presents.

The Implementation Research in Health Practical Guide is also available electronically here


Barriers to employment: What works for people with mental health problems

Report from the Centre for Mental Health

For most of us, having paid work is essential for wellbeing and financial security. But, as this briefing finds, for many people who require some support to get into work, especially those with mental health problems, the right to employment support is not being upheld and numerous barriers remain.

By looking at what interventions work as well as where gaps exist in evidence-based interventions and what might be tested to develop that evidence, we can see that some current models of supported employment including some provided by the Work Programme and Work Choice, are ineffective. Whereas models like Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an intervention for which service users, clinicians and researchers alike have seen overwhelming evidence of success and yet is still not available for large numbers of people.

The briefing urges commissioners and providers of both employment services and health and social care to make support into employment a priority.

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