NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and Unit Experimental Medicine Research Training Camp

Two CLAHRC PhD students, Rianne Van Der Linde and Ruth Spence attended the NIHR research training camp in July 2012.

Below is their feedback on the training camp.

The NIHR training camp explored how we, as scientists, can properly communicate our science to a wide variety of
audiences.  This involved finding out about a large number of channels that can be used including communicating with patients and the public, using electronic media and writing press releases.  The main part of the training camp revolved around developing a communication strategy for how we would communicate a piece of research to our chosen audience, but there were surprises along the way including writing a lay summary and a press releases, as well as interviews with a journalist.  The training camp culminated in each group presenting their research and communication strategy and answering some, at times, tricky questions from a panel of experts.  Definitely made you think about the issues and potential pitfalls of communicating good science.  For more information please: