HIEC End of Life Care

CLAHRC CP is one of the partners delivering the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Health Innovation and Education Cluster (HIEC), an initiative that supports education projects and promotes innovation in the care of people with long term conditions. Dr Stephen Barclay, Theme Lead for End of Life Care in CLAHRC CP is leading the HIEC education programme to improve community and hospital end of life care in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Building on the CLAHRC CP study of GP and Community Nurse educational needs, HIEC allows us to build the findings and lessons from CLAHRC CP research into education material that reaches a wide audience of health professionals. Multidisciplinary education has to date been delivered to over 2000 medical, nursing, social care and allied health professionals in both community and hospital settings, based on increasing the uptake of three End of Life Care tools: Gold Standards Framework (GSF), Preferred Priorities of Care (PPC) and Liverpool Care Pathway.

HIEC End of Life Care Team members

Liz Mather, General Practitioner (community education): drea@mather670.fsnet.co.uk

Lesley Trout, Macmillan Nurse (care home education): lesley.trout@pbh-tr.nhs.uk

Anna Spathis, Consultant Palliative Medicine (hospital education): anna.spathis@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

Sally Thornton, End of Life Care Education Facilitator: sally.thornton@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

Stephen Barclay is also leading a second HIEC initiative to develop an electronic register “Share my Care” for patients approaching the end of life in Cambridgeshire. The local Clinical Commissioning Group have endorsed this service development project, for which a research evaluation is being developed.

For more information on HIEC please see the Cambridge University Health Partners website: