Adult Autism Clinical Pathways


The Pathways project aims to create an NHS funded Clinic for adults with Asperger Syndrome (AS).  Adults with AS have been overlooked by the NHS and Social Care, resulting in the Autism Act 2009 and the Autism Strategy (Department of Health) 2010. We are working with relevant partners to develop local diagnostic and support services for adults with autism.


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust has had a charitably supported clinic for 10 years to diagnose AS in adults (supported by the Three Guineas Trust).

A related pathway we have created is within Cambridge University for Students with Asperger Syndrome (AS). We have received charitable funding from the Baily Thomas Charitable Trust to create an Asperger Advisor within the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) in the University. The aim is to support such students, to prevent them dropping out, to consider how to make reasonable adjustments in the University, and to establish the links with all relevant agencies (University Counselling Service, Senior Tutors, etc.) The Autism Research Centre is a partner in this, as are Disability Resource Centres in other universities (LSE, Oxford, Imperial).


On this project we are working in collaboration with the DRC, CPFT Commissioners, and CLASS patients.

We work in partnership with the National Autistic Society and other autism charities.

We also aim to influence national policy developments. Prof Baron-Cohen sits on the Autism Strategy Program Board in the DoH and is Chair of the NICE Guideline Development Group for adults with autism.

We have a database of 4000 adult volunteers with Asperger Syndrome. As well as participating in our studies, volunteers have the opportunity to feedback about their experiences and they often put forward ideas for new research.


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Download a copy of the CLAHRC BITE on Adult Autism Clinical Pathways.

For more information contact: Prof Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge,

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