Dr Mai Luen Wong. CLAHRC Fellow 2011

Mai Luen WongMai Luen is an Associate Specialist for Liaison Psychiatry Services at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Her interest in healthcare has always stretched beyond clinical practice.   In particular, she is interested in service development and health policy, specifically, strategies and initiatives for providing equitable distribution of high quality sustainable healthcare.  Her experience outside of the NHS, while working for the Map of Medicine and Bazian, has provided a unique insight into the processes involved in developing tools for use at a level that influences health policy and also clinical decision making in every-day practice.

Project title: A service design approach to frequent  attendance in the emergency department

Mai did her project in the design theme of the CLAHRC with the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre and Addenbrooke’s Hospital Emergency Department. The project studied the design of services for patients who may benefit from assessment and early intervention for medically unexplained symptoms and psychological co-morbidity as a consequence of long term conditions.

To find out more about Mai’s project, download the briefing document.